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Why Buy Extracts With StashClub?

Offering customers value for money as well as premium products, StashClub is your one-stop-shop for all your marijuana extract needs! We have thousands of product reviews and a huge selection of user-curated products, taking all the work out of your online shopping! We pride ourselves on bringing flower power straight to your door.  At StashClub, we put the TLC into THC and always, always: good vibes only.

Types of Extracts We Sell

Whatever it is you fancy, StashClub has the extract for you! We offer members every kind of weed extract they could possibly desire; crumble, stash rocks, CBD isolate, sauce, hash, kief, rosin, resin, distillate, budder and shatter. We ensure that every requirement, every niche and every want is fulfilled! Do you prefer solventless extracts or shatters? Distillates or full-spectrum products? Thicker or thinner products? We have it all! At StashClub, we boast our ability to cater to all our members – experienced and novice, recreational and medicinal users alike – there is something for everyone!

Benefits of Extracts

Extracts are an increasingly popular form of cannabis consumption since legalization in 2018. Although some members may be frightened by their appearance, extracts are a fantastic variety of cannabis products, offering users the very essence of the plant. If you’re a seasoned cannasseur looking to up the intensity and flavour of your high, extracts may be just the thing for you. Medical users often turn to extracts for faster-acting relief, that is more potent and generally more economical. Extracts have a great exchange rate and usually offer more THC to the dollar, meaning you can get medicated for less! Who doesn’t love good value? Extracts really lend themselves to vaporizing and are ideal for users seeking potent and clean highs! Hash and kief are made purely of raw trichomes and still contain plant matter, whereas the other extracts listed above are extracted through various processes and are particularly well suited to vaporizing. ‘Why vaporize?’ you may ask! Well, 95% of the steam from vaporized dabs contains cannabinoids, in contrast to 12% of the smoke from combusted flower. Extracts offer this improved potency and some forms, especially rosin and live resin, offer much richer flavour profiles. Generally considered a cleaner, more efficient and more economical way to medicate, extracts are a truly singular way to consume cannabis products!

How to Choose Your Extracts

Choosing which extract is right for you can be an overwhelming business; but worry not, we are here to help guide you! If you want a solventless extract, hash, kief and rosin are the ones for you! Looking for a more discreet extract? Distillates and isolates will provide less odour. Stash Rocks are potent little things and are just good value for money! Rosin, resin, crumble, sauce and HTE will have mouth-watering consequences if that’s what tickles your fancy! If you still can’t choose an extract, feel free to peruse the descriptions of any product (click on the product and scroll down) and if you’re in need of a little more help, please, feel free to click the little chat button in the bottom-right corner to speak to our friendly neighbourhood Customer Service team!

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