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Rolling Papers and Tips | 50 Papers & 50 Tips

A quality, curated product for the discerning palate
1¼ inch papers with tips | 50 papers per pack
Earn 50 Stash Miles

$6.70 Tax's and fee's included in price

Rolling Papers and Tips | 50 Papers & 50 Tips

Here at Stash Club, we believe in providing only the best products to our customers. Cannabis is a beautiful thing and we want our customers to smoke only premium marijuana with only top quality accessories. The Stash Club Rolling Papers use natural, unbleached hemp; free from chemical additives, eco-friendly and slow-burning. With an adhesive strip of 100% natural acacia gum and perforated filters made from kraft card stock with no inks or adulterants, these rolling papers offer users one of the finest, cleanest and most natural smokes of their lives. These flavourless papers are a dream come true for smokers – offering the perfect encasement for tasty bud, kief, hash, or whatever users prefer! Each package of Stash Club Rolling Papers comes with 50 papers & 50 Tips.

Best Use
The Stash Club Rolling Papers are the perfect product for any time of the day! Whether rolling an energizing sativa before work in the morning, or a sedative Indica before bed at night, Stash Club Rolling papers are perfect for the occasion. The Stash Club papers are lightweight and in a premium package which means that they are easily portable and great for on the go! Providing users with an even slow burn, they will get the most out of their joints – rolling papers are a lot like ninjas, the best kind are the ones that aren’t detectable.

Buy Stash Club Rolling Papers online at the Stash Club’s California’s Online Dispensary.


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Rolling Papers and Tips | 50 Papers & 50 Tips

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Rolling Papers and Tips | 50 Papers & 50 Tips
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